REDAH began as a weekly critique session under the name fk-kollektiv, open to anyone who wanted to show their creative works, oer insight, or simply come and observe. It enticed amateurs and professional artists alike, keen on exploring new projects.

In our space, artists can develop film, scan, and print, allowing them to create artwork afordably. The melting pot of people is exciting, pushing artists to dive deeper in their work, gain a sense of community in the local art industry, and build the confidence to continue pursuing their creative passions.

REDAH blossomed into a thriving art store with a network of artists, such as photographers, sculptors, installation artists, illustrators, performers, and dancers - all running workshops, creating collaborations, and eliciting reactions and conversations.

We are an organically grown sphere that supports and breeds local art and artistic experiments. We engage in all practices with the knowledge that art can and should be progressive. We question the status quo and allow for new ways of thinking.


Zack Helwa - Founder and Co-Owner
After receiving his BA in Photography at the New York School of Visual Arts, Zack relocated to Berlin, Germany, where he currently resides and works. He is a multidisciplinary artist using video, photography, sculpture, and performance; Helwa exhibits, curates, and screens widely, as well as runs the exhibition space and digital lab at REDAH.

Zi Gattina - Co-Owner

Zi is an internationally published freelance model based in Berlin, Germany, originally from San Francisco, California. She is available for shoots internationally and travels often. Zi oversees the art store and REDAH's communication and management. 

Yago Cobas - Darkroom Manager

Following a lifelong interest in loneliness and exploration of landscape, Yago published his first photobook in April 2015: No Walking Land. A copy of this book was acquired by Museo Reina SofĂ­a (Madrid) for its archive. He regularly releases fashion editorials and self published fanzines, always exploring the limits of fashion photography in conjunction with his personal work. All his works are shot on film and carefully printed in the darkroom.
He is currently based in Berlin and manages the Darkroom at REDAH.