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B/W Film Processing

€85 incl vat 

A basic B+W workshop consisting of a half-hour lecture on different chemistry and their benefits, a practical demo of basic development using D-76 Kodak developer, as well as discussing benefits of processes such as "stand" and semi-stand development.
Chemistry and sleeves will be provided by us!
Each participant is to bring with them an exposed roll of film.

C-41 Color Film processing

€85 incl vat 

This workshop is for C-41 color processing. Preferably, participants already have prior knowledge of black and white processing and how to properly load film into the developing tank and reels. A short demo and practice are available if requested.

The workshop will familiarise participants with all the chemistry and differences from B+W, and an introduction to the CPP2 rotary machine and how to use it to process film.
Chemistry and sleeves will be provided by us! 
Each participant is to bring with them an exposed roll of color negative film with any ISO (no pushing or pulling).

Digital Raw Scanning

€75 incl vat

In this workshop, we will explore the first steps of digitizing your developed film. First, we will show you our process of using a flatbed scanner to do a contact scan in order to preview an entire roll for archiving.

Second, we will teach you how to create 3F RAW scans on an Imacon/Hasselblad scanner using the Flexcolor software. The benefit of this process is to shorten scanning time without compromising quality and allow RAW file editing at home, rather than before scanning in the preview.
Each participant is to bring a developed roll of film. Plastic sleeves will be provided if needed.

B/W Darkroom Printing.    

€120 incl vat (max 2 ppl) 

A beginner's black & white darkroom printing technical workshop. This workshop is a great way to get an introduction to the darkroom printing experience. This covers everything from the differences between papers, chemistry mixing, making contact sheets and test strips, choosing contrast, and creating a final image. 

We will provide the paper and chemistry, just bring your developed roll!

All workshops are offered with a 20% discount if you bring two other participants!
More workshops coming soon!